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Dr. Dove,

About 1 year ago I came to you after conventional medicine had failed me.  I was sick, miserable, my whole body ached, I had brain fog, and I was exhausted.  You listened to me for over an hour,  an hour I will be eternally grateful for.  You asked me to take a picture of myself with my phone. (See below). I decided to assist me in being accountable to following your directives, to join Precision Nutrition an online wellness program where I was provided weight lifting and interval exercises, daily lessons, biweekly habits to follow like only eating to 80% of full or eating more slowly.  I had to check boxes, measure and weigh myself weekly, take pictures monthly, and report weekly on other changes I was seeing.  I was so, so tired back then as much as I wanted to get better I had no willpower and thought some kind of accountability system would help. It has been a year and you can see by the " after" pictures below that I am a new person.  You can also follow the link at the top of this email and look at #28 and see full body before and after pictures.

While great restorative sleep still alludes me I know I will get to my my goal and have life to my years.   Thank you so much for listening, the time you spent with me and caring you showed motivated me to make the changes I needed to make, to realize that my desire to care for others could only be manifested if I learned to care first for myself.   Thank you from the bottom of my healthy heart. Feel free to use my pictures and this testimony on your website.  Sincerely and with utmost gratitude,  Cynthia. 

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