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Autoimmune and Lyme Disease

Hello Everyone,

I have been listening to the Autoimmune Summit hosted by Dr. Amy Myers. Last night Dr. Richard Horowitz author of "Why Can't I Get Better" and president of ILADS gave an excellent talk. I am excited to have more tools for my patients and also found it encouraging that he emphasized the total systemic approach to treating Lyme.

He stressed the importance of reducing inflammation which is what I also tell my patients by addressing heavy metals and other environmental toxins, food allergies and other inflammation causing stress factors. He uses herbals to followup the oral antibiotics and stresses the need for probiotics. I have always told patients that the human strain of oral probiotics are most importantl; can't get these in dairy strains or even dairy-free probiotics that are cultured from dairy strains.

Today listening to Dr. Perlmutter; I have been using his IV glutathione protocol for a number of years. Patients with Lyme disease are often deficient in glutathione but don't waste your money on oral glutathione unless it is in a liposomal form (lipid or oil carrier).

Dr. Horowitz discussed IgeneX labs and how he intreprets the Western Blot; he says that if patients have only one of five specific bands that he considers the results positive. I also use IgeneX and understand when he mentioned that Lyme is diagnosed with clincal symptoms at the forefront.

Remember, many folks with lyme have already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue or Rheumatoid Arthritis or numberous other systemic and autoimmune diseases because the Borellia spirochete symptoms mimic other diseases. If you have pain that moves around your body, memory problems, brain fog, unexplained seizures or other neurological problems, unusual fatigue and if your symptoms seem to come and go, you may have Lyme disease.

Last year the CDC reported over 300,000 new cases. And, yes, Lyme disease is in Montana..........but there is help!


Dr. Dove

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