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BirD FarTs

One of my favorite jokes as a kid was: "What floats in the air and smells like worms?"

Yes, you guessed it....bird farts.

I had a patient laughing a couple of weeks ago when I told her this joke and that I believe that "thoughts" are indeed floating in the air. Why? Because thoughts are energy!

If you liked the movie "What the Bleep do we Know"...then you understand that our thoughts impact the very cells of our body and I believe that our thoughts can indeed create energy that can be picked up by others.

Don Miguel Ruiz, his book "The Four Agreements", writes "be impeccable with your word...avoid using the word to speak against yourself..or others.."

Thoughts indeed are words and strewn together in a negative way can stir up your nervous system which then affects your immune system and promotes a cascade of inflammatory markers that are contrary to your quest for optimal health.

My patient had been told that her problems were due to her age which prompted me to tell her my joke. My motto: It is "Never Too Late to Rehabilitate" matter what age!

So, next time you find yourself entertaining stinking thoughts, just boot them out of the nest, puff up your chest and create the most strongest positive thoughts you can muster. This is how we change our/the world one thought at a time!

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